It is the philosophy of Contemporary Kids Learning Centre that children be encouraged to develop strong critical thinking skills that will mold them into becoming self-loving independent thinkers with an affinity for nature and a passion in preserving the world around them. Contemporary Kids is an academic centre passionate about providing the right exposure to all matter of expressive, communicative, and cognitive experiences. A healthy early learning environment is the catalyst to a positive learning experience, one that inspires a lifelong love of learning and we strive for just that. The goal of our curriculum is to strike the interest of your child by allowing them to participate in in-depth studies of concepts, ideas, mindfulness and interests that will help him or her learn how to observe, question, and explore ideas independently. A variation of teaching tools are used to ensure all children have a chance to understand what they are being taught. Our goal is to send them off in the world prepared and ready to learn with a balance of self-belonging and a sense of self.